Nascarwraps Gloss Candy Metallic Magic Gray Green Vinyl Wrap Film

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Vendor : Nascarwraps

Product Type : Candy Metallic Vinyl Wrap


Gloss Candy Metallic Magic Gray Green Vinyl Wrap

Item: Candy Metallic Vinyl Wrap
Color: Gray Green
Material: High flexible polymeric PVC material
Finish: Gloss
Surface: Type Flat, Simple curves
Air bubble free: Yes
Film produce technology: Calendered
Adhesive: Gray or clear (depending on film color),Silicone coated with air channels
Film Thickness: 3.5 - 4.8 mil (depending on color)
Adhesive Thickness: 30μm
Adhesive features: Air-Release, Permanent, Removable
Glue: German-imported
Installation Temperature Range: 75°F to 80°F (24°C to 32°C)
End Use Temperature Range: -65°F to 225°F (-60°C to 107°C)
Max Roll Size: 5ft x 59ft (1.52m x 18m)

Durability: Outdoor 3-4 years, Indoor 5-7 years
Removability: Removable with heat
Application method: Dry
Application: Cars & Vans, Trucks, Watercraft, Laptop, Cell phones, Wall, Furniture etc.
Single Packaging size: 5.25ft x 0.5ft x 0.5ft (1.6m x 0.15m x 0.15m)
Single gross weight: 14.00 kg

applying vinyl wrap

Porsche Macan Vehicle Wraps Examples

The Nascarwraps gloss candy metallic vinyl wrap! between gray and green, It can be said that it is a popular color combination of Nordic style.It can bring a very different fashion texture to life, let's take a look at the porsche macan vehicle wrapping gray green vinyl film examples.

Porsche Macan Candy Metallic Magic Gray Green Wrap

The porsche macan displayed in front of everyone,The color change is candy metallic gray to green gloss vinyl wrap,The natural beauty of vitality burst out naturally.

The color sense of the Porsche Macan looks bolder, fresher and more eye-catching, creating a natural and vivid visual sense that stands out from the ordinary traffic.The combination of gray and green is an exceptionally comfortable visual enjoyment, which can remove anxiety from the heart. The two are a fusion of freshness and vitality, and the delicate two-color candy texture creates an elegant and attractive atmosphere for Porsche Macan.

The Candy Metallic Magic Gray Green Wrap,In the sunlight reflected the faint green a rainbow after rain,Shine on the bright lake,Create a sparkling, flowing fantasy.No matter how the light and shadow change,The car always flashes a splendid Green,When the Porsche Macan wrapping Candy Metallic Magic Gray Green Vinyl film, the car is radiant and fashion.

Nascarwraps Candy Metallic Vinyl Wrap is the super flexible performance brought by the polymer product structure.The ideal tortuosity can be achieved on any arc surface, fully expressing the soft texture of the body surface.While beautifying the appearance of the vehicle, it also protects the paint.Prevent paint oxidation damage, etc., protect the gloss and durability of the original paint.

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