Dealership & OEM Brand

NasCarWraps is dedicated to working with all kinds of services to car stores, wrap shops,products for film wrap and customers worldwide. We take branding and products to the next level with our wide variety of custom vinyl wraps.

One of our most practical and effective partnerships is with auto wrap shops dealerships. Whether you are wrapping showcase car & trucks or transforming a Wall & Furniture space into an unique color, we’ve got you covered with our high quality vinyl wrap.

Auto wrap shops dealerships thrive off of the connection and trust that they establish with their customers. Work with us to guarantee that your wraps products look consistent and professional. Show your customers that your dealership makes their cars and business a top priority.

Take your cars and your dealership to the next level and enhance your wrap shops brand with NasCarWraps! And we offer OEM service offered & design service offered.

We are a professional manufacturer of composite materials that combines the functions R&D, production, and marketing. Our focus has been on the development and manufacture of film products, as well as pressure sensitive materials. We import professional German techniques. Our professionals have over 20 years of experience in R&D and development of auto films.

Our factory, which covers more than 10000 sq. meters, is equipped with cutting-edge equipment, cutting and packing machinery imported from Germany. It is located in Guangzhou, China. Our auto film production technology has reached the highest international standard. There are ten series of products that we have, including hundreds of small ones, like car body color changing films, 3D carbon fibre film, 4D carbon film film for cat eyes, animal skins, car roof film, chrome mirror film, Car headlight colour changing film, Car taillight change film, and Chameleon film. These products can be used to make upscale vehicles at home and abroad. Our business plan is to focus on auto vinyl wraps in order to make Nascarwraps a success. This promise is also a key part of our business strategy.

Advantages of our products:

1,We have a lot of stock in stock. After receiving your order, we can quickly arrange product delivery.

2,The MOQ in our company is one roll. If your order reaches more than 20 rolls, it could be shipped by sea.(Save on shipping for you)

3,You could choose as many colors or items as you like and could combine them to ship together.

4,Customized OEM Brand service: the outer cartons and backing paper could be made with your customized designs.

5,Besides the products, we also have a professional sales team to give you good marketing suggestions.

You can join our team if you own a wholesale car wrap business or a store that installs car wraps. Our strong design team will keep your informed about new photos and videos. Our sales team will offer professional advice to help you grow your business.

Payment methods (100% payment before the shipment) You could pay by Paypal or by the bank or via Alibaba shop by your credit card.

Product durability The product durability depends on the factors like film finish, climate, and vinyl care. Usually, our vinyl durability could last 3-5 years outdoor and 5-7 years indoor under proper usage.

Thank you so much for your attention and feel free to let me know if any other information is needed with many thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you for our further discussion.