Matte Satin Metallic Lake Green Vinyl Wrap - Nascarwraps Film

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Vendor : Nascarwraps

Product Type : Satin Metallic Vinyl Wrap


Satin Metallic Lake Green Vinyl Wrap Roll

Item: Satin Metallic Vinyl Wraps
Color: Lake Green
Material: High Quality PVC material
Finish: Matte
Surface: Type Flat, Simple curves
Air bubble free: Yes
Film produce technology: Calendered
Adhesive: Gray or clear (depending on film color),Silicone coated with air channels
Film Thickness: 3.8 - 4.5 mil (depending on color)
Adhesive Thickness: 40μm
Adhesive features: Air-Release, Permanent, Removable
Glue: German-imported
Installation Temperature Range: 75°F to 80°F (24°C to 32°C)
End Use Temperature Range: -65°F to 225°F (-60°C to 107°C)
Max Roll Size: 5ft x 59ft (1.52m x 18m)

Car Wrap Colors: purple blue, blue purple, green gold, purple copper, purple red

Durability: Outdoor about 3-5 years , Indoor 5-7 years
Removability: Removable with heat
Application method: Dry
Application surface: Compound curves, Concave surfaces, Corrugations, Flat, Simple curves
Application: Cars & Vans, Trucks, Watercraft, Laptop, Cell phones, Wall, Furniture etc.
Single Packaging size: 5.25ft x 0.5ft x 0.5ft (1.6m x 0.15m x 0.15m)
Single gross weight: 14.000 kg

applying vinyl wrap

2014 Porsche Panamera Wrapping Matte Satin Metallic Lake Green Vinyl Film

The Porsche Panamera has a streamlined dynamic body and chiseled muscular lines.Coupled with the sculptural side lines and the long wheelbase, short front overhang and long rear overhang, the Porsche Panamera overall gives a dynamic and light feel.And when we give a 2014 porsche panamera wrapping matte satin metallic lake green vinyl film, the porsche panamera looks a little more mysterious on the basis of dynamism and lightness.

Car wraps have become a fashion to make the car look cool and full of mystery, and today we introduce the latest nascarwraps vinyl wrap.

Porsche Panamera Wrapping Matte Satin Metallic Lake Green Vinyl

The satin Lake green car wrap is one of the best representatives of Nascarwraps satin metallic vinyl wraps series color vinyl film, with super matte surface texture. After wrapping the film, the smooth lines of the body can be better displayed, making the body more fashionable and powerful. Check out this porsche panamera satin metallic lake green vinyl wrap,Dynamic, fashionable and hard-edged, it will be the focus wherever you go. In addition, due to the matte treatment on the film surface, the nascarwraps matte satin vinyl wraps film is not reflective, soft and not dazzling, not only does not hurt the eyes of the car owner, but also more durable.

If a good vinyl wrap film brand is really attractive, Just having a strong texture is not enough.It should also be colorful enough and high quality.Therefore nascarwraps satin metallic lake green vinyl wrap is inherently mysterious and exudes a fatal attraction.

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